Jerry Jones: Not a Banner Day for Cowboys Stadium. Ever. What?!

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is fond of saying - when asked about his team's 13-year playoff-less drought - um, "did you like those three Super Bowls?!"

Our answer, of course, is yes. But, according to Jones during his weekly visit on 105.3 The Fan with myself and Newy Scruggs this morning, that's going to be very difficult to do in Cowboys Stadium.


Because Jones and the Cowboys have no plans to hang the banners commemorating the team's five Super Bowl championships. The banners hung from the rafters at Texas Stadium, but will apparently only be displayed digitally at Cowboys Stadium.

And you thought the absence of an American flag in the building was a controversy?

Jerry told us there will not be a U.S. flag nor, for that matter, any physical championship banners.

"The facts are that because of our center-hung digital board and challenges with so many sight lines in the stadium ... any time we hang anything it doesn't have the same logistics or same challenges we had over at Texas Stadium. ... We may very well have it on the digital boards before we're through. What we have done is taken every space imaginable and we have that with digital-type visual effects and so that we can put anything up there we want. We can put those championship banners, anything there is. A lot of other things as well. Ability to put things up there 100 times what had at Texas Stadium, but you do it digitally."

Maybe - as I'm want to do - I'm over-reacting. But I feel like trophies are for honors, rings are for players and banners are for fans.


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