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Jerry Jones's Biggest Big Screen About to Get More Mesmerizing, Headache-Inducing

It was all I could do Saturday night to keep my eyes off the EnormoDome's big screen during UT-Nebraska; it takes more willpower than trying to stop smoking. So perhaps this is just Jerry Jones's way of acknowledging the obvious: Broadcasting & Cable reports this morning that folks attending the Dallas Cowboys-San Diego Chargers Sunday showdown at Cowboys Stadium will be given special specs so they can bear witness to HDLogix's technology that converts 2D images into 3D.

The Cowboys will use the giant (160 by 72-foot) video wall that hangs 90 feet above the field to show 3D "anaglyph" images that will be created using HDLogix's 2D to 3D conversion system, ImageIQ3D. It will take feeds from the teams' in-stadium cameras and convert them to 3D for display on the giant LED video wall. The Cowboys will distribute the red & blue glasses required to watch the anaglyph 3D images to the 80,000-odd fans attending the game, and plan to begin showing the 3D images during halftime and throughout the second half.
At which point the score will be Chargers 24, Cowboys 6, so it'll be fine.

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