Till we went back and re-read Zac Crain's 1999 story here, we forgot that Jessica Simpson was signed to a record deal in 1997. So, we almost done here?

Jessica and Zayra: Not Quite Good Enough

It's been a while since we've had news about the big-screen version of Dallas, which is supposed to start shooting around here and in Louisiana sometime between now and The Rapture. And this isn't really news. More like non-news, which is how one should classify anything involving Jessica Simpson. Simpson, the Richardson native whose singing career is a sinking career (her new album, A Public Affair, has sold a mere 212,000 copies, according to SoundScan) and whose movie career is closer to sputtering than soaring (Employee of the Month opened last weekend in fourth place), is the subject of a USA Today piece this morning. Odd thing is, it's headlined: "Jessica Simpson keeps bouncing back." Like a broken egg.

Take this tale concerning how she didn't get the role of Lucy Ewing in Dallas, which ultimately went to Katie Cassidy:

Ask about her forays into acting, and instead of talking up her new movie, she'll gab about the part she didn't get: Lucy in the upcoming big-screen version of Dallas.

She screen-tested for the role but "couldn't really pull it off. ... They wanted me to come back for Pam. They saw me as something more mature, and as a woman. I really thought I nailed it and had a chemistry read with Luke Wilson, who was playing Bobby."

Not quite. "All of a sudden I get a call: not Pam. Everyone was saying I was going to be in Dallas, and I didn't get the part. I did not get it. How embarrassing is that?"

Ah, well. Apparently, she's starring in a clearly well-advised remake of the Melanie Griffith film Working Girl with Luke. You remember Luke, right? Dallas boy? Star of Legally Blonde 2, Idiocracy and My Super Ex-Girlfriend? Yeah, that guy. Oh, and Jessica's dad Joe is producing that Working Girl redo. That's how you get good enough to be in a movie with Luke.

And speaking of Dallas women who didn't make the cut, there's always Zayra Alvarez, the singer-songwriter who got the boot from Rock Star: Supernova after performing her original Spanish-language "Lluvia del Mar." There's a story about her in today's Los Angeles Times that sounds familiar to Simpson's tale of woe, though on a much smaller scale: "She's determined to be heard, man." She too is bouncing back from rejection: Says the Times, she was in L.A. recently to attend the Rock Star wrap party and for "you know, meetings and press, man." She tells the paper she's been recording demos at a friend's studio in Sherman Oaks. Word is Jessica Simpson's looking for some new material, though the Spanish could be tricky, much like the English. --Robert Wilonsky

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