"Jessica Simpson Has Hovered Over This City Like a Dark Cloud." That's Not Very Nice.

We'll return to weightier issues in a moment -- ba-dum-dum -- but, for a moment, this respite from hotel talk and DISD chatter. Vanity Fair's been gracious enough to post the entirety of its Jessica Simpson June cover story, due to his stands shortly. It's quite the breathless read that touches on points high and low -- everything from the state of her singing and movie careers to her romance with a certain Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who was also interviewed for the piece and yet again addresses a certain pre-playoff game trip to Mexico. An excerpt for those who will say they won't read the whole thing but probably already have:

"Jessica Simpson has hovered over this city like a dark cloud," Gary Cartwright, a writer at Texas Monthly, told me. "The great quarterbacks are 100 percent dedicated to the game. But Romo seems happy-go-lucky. If they win, he seems happy. If they lose, he seems happy. And all this is tied up with Jessica Simpson."

"You know, it's very hard when you lose," Romo said, "because games are important, and so many people put so much time and effort in. It's nice to have someone to come home to and try and make you feel better."

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