Jesus Lizard Goes Yow!

Yesterday, very good Friend of Unfair Park Michael Corcoran stopped by the office, and the talk quickly turned to "the blog." (Yeah, it was as exciting as it sounds.) Anyway, we got around to discussing how much folks dug the Nirvana anniversary-brawl video and the 28-year-old footage of the Sex Pistols playing the Longhorn Ballroom, which we posted (thanks to Steve Dirkx) last week. Those have been two very popular items, to say the least.

"Then you gotta check this out," Michael says. And he directs me to YouTube. Course.

There, he points me to some 12-year-old footage of the late, great band Jesus Lizard playing the long-defunct Orbit Room. Actually, it's more than that: Frontman David Yow takes a beer bottle smack to the head. And keeps on going, after a little while. Michael was at the show; matter of fact, he was still pop music critic at The Dallas Morning News at the time. He was pals with the band's tour manager and recalls telling her after the show, "That must happen all the time." She said, "Nobody's ever done that before. They were very surprised."

Ya think? Check it out. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus Video: Jesus Lizard at the Orbit Room on December 16, 1994

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