Jim Schutze Responds to Alex Krieger's "Absurd" E-Mail to Unfair Park

When city council member Angela Hunt succeeded in getting copies of consultant Alex Krieger's e-mails to the mayor about the Trinity River toll road, we mere taxpayers succeeded in getting a glimpse of the truth. Krieger plainly told Mayor Laura Miller in his e-mail that the road he had helped design for the Trinity River Project had morphed into something more like an interstate highway and was not the "context sensitive design" he believed the project needed.

The unearthing of that e-mail made a liar of the Mayor. She had been insisting that the current plans for the toll road were the result of Krieger's "Balanced Vision Plan" for the river.

So Unfair Park publishes the e-mail and outs the mayor. Then the mayor gets on the horn and beats Krieger about the ears. Then Krieger, with a practice to defend as a paid consultant, ships Unfair Park his absurd e-mail, posted earlier this morning, in which he claims his original e-mail has been the victim of an "irresponsible twisting" by the Dallas Observer.

Sorry, Krieger.

The only irresponsible twisting going on here is whatever they did to your arm to make you write this malarkey and whatever you had to do to your spine bending over backwards to deny the clear meaning of your own words.

A few commenters here have suggested it was unladylike of Hunt to demand Krieger's e-mails to a city official. But this response from him shows why it had to be done. If it were not for the Public Information Act and Angela Hunt, we were never going to see the truth of this.

Professor Krieger obviously knows which side his bread is buttered on, and it is not the side of the public interest. --Jim Schutze

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Robert Wilonsky
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