Jim, the Mayor Calls It "Lazy" and "Stupid"

The Dallas Morning News has started a blog just for its columnists. They're calling it "Bold Types," which is a very cool name. That makes the Morning News columnists sound like movie stars. I feel like a damn schlub. All I ever get to do is contribute to this blog, with a crappy little byline at the bottom of my items. And then look what they let them write! Nobody's beating them over the head to come up with a bunch of damn information. Look what Sherry Jacobson had in there yesterday:

"Frankly, I'm worried that the whole immigration debate will have an unsettling affect on a city that has welcomed illegal immigrants almost without question for the past two decades.

Wish I could speak Spanish better so that I could tune into whatever happens next!"

I want my own blog, damn it. I want to call it "Cool Handsome Type Not Really that Old." Here's my first item:

"Frankly, I'm worried about the effect that global warming could have on a city that was already pretty darned hot to begin with. Wish I knew where to read up on it or somebody I could call, so I'd know whether or not to keep worrying."

And there's a lot more where that item came from. When can I expect to start? And what does this pay, anyway? --Jim Schutze


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