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Jim's Laughing His Widdle Head Off

Look, Jim and Tim and Patrick, you know that Angela Hunt's married, right?
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As it turns out, our Patrick Williams and your Angela Hunt have both been peppering the same guy in the Dallas regional office of the Texas Department of Transportation with questions about the Trinity project. These are questions that go straight to the kind of general blow-hard pronouncements the pro-toll road folks make without ever offering an ounce of proof or even support for what they say. So, apparently, it struck both Williams and Hunt at the same time to call up the engineers and say, “Hey. What’s the facts on this stuff?”

As Unfair Park has already documented, the engineers started out being candid. Then, of course, they got smacked in the head with a political two-by-four, and now they want a meeting with Hunt with lots and lots of back-up.

So who should chime in but Tim Rogers at D, where it has never occurred to a single staff member, editor, publisher or potentate to ask any of these same questions. Rogers, a true prophet in his time, e-mailed Hunt earlier today, as follows:

From: xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com On Behalf Of Tim Rogers

Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 8:51 AM

To: Angela Hunt

Subject: meeting with Tim Nesbitt?


I was reading on Unfair Park the email exchanged between you and Tim. I wonder if you'd let me know when/is this proposed meeting comes to fruition. I'd love to sit in on it.

Hunt wrote him back as follows:

You got it, Tim. But only on the condition that two days before, you predict that the entire meeting will be a dismal failure for TrinityVote. You must also post that unnamed sources tell you that referendum advocates will take the opportunity to recant and explain how Wick’s persuasive advertorials convinced them that they didn’t need to think for themselves after all and that voting makes their widdle heads hurt. Under no circumstances may you cite your sources (that’s cheating!), and two weeks after the meeting, you must post that you were not wrong, but that our Machiavellian infiltrators led you astray.

In truthiness, A

My prediction? Tim will take her literally and do as she has suggested.

Meanwhile, there is a big flap going on over at the Bold Types blog -- the Dallas Morning News blog for Metro columnists who are idiots -- about how someone has found some fishy looking signatures on one of the 10,000-plus pages of signatures turned in by TrinityVote calling for a referendum on the toll road.

No doubt there are bad signatures in there. Hunt’s own vetting system found among the 90,000 they turned in about 38,000 signatures she and her people thought were not certifiable for a variety of reasons.

What you never see from the Pravdonians at The Morning News – you will find it only if you read the nasty comments they get from their own readers -- is an explanation that none of this redounds against the validity of the petition drive itself. TrinityVote came up with a total number of good signatures that was almost 10 percent higher than the total required by law. And that’s all the law cares about: how many good ones you got.

The presence of bad ones could have many explanations. Lots of people want to sign the petitions even if they’re not really registered to vote. Some people think they’re registered, and they’re not. Some signature gatherers may cheat, especially the paid ones. Or people from the other side could try to pollute the process by infiltrating it with bad petition pages.

That’s why only one thing counts: How many good ones did they get? They got 4,500 more good ones than they needed.

Where or when does even a single one of the chickenshit minions at The News show any respect at all for the enormous outpouring of public sentiment represented by the 52,500 good signatures. Never. Instead, Jacky Floyd says she’s bored with democracy.

They’re all journalistic taxi-dancers. The more they sound the same, the easier it is to tell. There’s not a one among them you’d want to take home to Mom. --Jim Schutze

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