J.Lo Can Dallas Go?

The Dallas dust-up, over the pretty good chance the big-screen version of the little-screen show will end up shooting in Canada or Florida or Louisiana, is getting much pub these days, and not just in the U.S. In Canada, they're fretting about the lack of some suitable scenery but gloating about the fact they gots plenty o' government dough to spread around to the movie's producers:

"'We'd have trouble finding a Southfork,' acknowledged Calgary Film Commissioner Beth Thompson, who said the city may have stood in for Vietnam, New York City and Denver in other film productions but it can't seem to produce a clone of the Ewing spread. 'We've got the land. If we could import some of their houses, we'd be fine.'"

Dallas's desperate attempts to find private money to boost the state's unfunded film subsidies bill has also received much coverage in Australia and European papers--no surprise, given that the series was exported abroad and remains the only thing most foreigners know about this city (well, that and we killed a president some time back).

In other news, word is Catherine Zeta-Jones is out as Sue Ellen and Jennifer Lopez is in. Also, Luke Wilson's said to be playing Bobby to John Travolta's J.R., while Shirley MacLaine's taking the role of Miss Ellie. --Robert Wilonsky

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