Joel Osteen and His Wife Will "Double Team" Dallas as Part of T.D. Jakes' MegaFest

MegaFest, Bishop T.D. Jakes' massive annual gathering of evangelical Christians, is a pretty big deal, a $10 million production that draws 100,000 incredibly well-behaved visitors. The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau was so stoked when Jakes decided to move the festival to Dallas, it chipped in a half-million dollars.

But it wasn't clear exactly how big a deal MegaFest 2013 would be until Jakes and Joel Osteen announced in a recent video that the Houston megapastor will be lending his silver tongue and waxen Ken-doll good looks to the conference.

It's clear from their banter that both Jakes and Osteen are very excited about the chance to collaborate. The key exchange goes like this:

Osteen: When you called and invited us, I thought "What a great thing to be a part of," and I'm just inviting everybody to come along to Dallas and -- you know, you're always looking for an excuse to get together. Why not get together with other believers, get inspired in your faith, and have fun at the same time. There's no better people to hang out with than Bishop T.D. and first lady Serita. We're looking forward to it.

Jakes: I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to, your wife Victoria and you are going to double-team the "Woman Thou Art Loosed"

Maybe the phrase "double team" has different connotations than in the secular world. It certainly brings to mind unwelcome images that will probably help cement our place in hell.

Luckily for our eternal souls, we plan to be in Dallas on the weekend of August 29, when Jakes promises that he and Osteen will "tak[e] Dallas over for Jesus." We're ready.

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