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John Freeman's Parting Gift to "The Scene" Before He Mo's Down NYC

As Pete points out over on DC9, some of us 'round these parts got a classified-ad missive yesterday from one John Freeman -- you know, the Dutch Treat behind the shuttered Sloppyworld. Well, Uncle Sloppy is headed to NYC to work on a rock opera with one Corn Mo, but before he heads out thataway, he's got a rather unwieldy piece of equipment to unload: "I am selling off almost all of the Sloppyworld PA equipment to cover some outstanding fees and help pay for some repairs to the space. ... It is a top-notch PA; possibly one of the loudest in town."

Interested parties can reach him here. And, yes, there's a good reason we mention it: "I know you guys aren't The Thrifty Nickel," notes the sweet-talking Johnny Dooms, and, frankly, I wouldn't be so sure. "But I figured I'd rather sell to people in the scene than strangers on stupid Craigslist." That, Friends, that right there is a tear-stained letter. --Robert Wilonsky

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