John Slate is No Slacker

There's a piece in (or is that


?) Salon today about the 15th anniversary of

the most overrated indie movie

of the 1990s, Richard Linklater's


. Now, it's been years since I've seen it, and maybe I'll soften toward it if you feel like giving me your copy of the

Criterion Collection

DVD when yer done with it; and it does star some friends of mine; and maybe I just hated it since they were shooting it around Austin as I was wrapping up my final semester at the University of Texas and trying to get the hell out of that city. Or maybe I've got something against self-indulgent, willfully quirkly, naval-gazingly chitchatty movies about nothing. Dunno. Whatever. Doesn't matter. All of this is just a rambling prelude to this nugget you might be interested in: John Slate, the Kennedy-assassination conspiracy-a-go-go guy in the movie loitering around Half-Price Books, lives in Dallas. And not only that, but Slate, who appeared in

only the one movie

, works for the city of Dallas as our very own archivist--which means, yes, he handles JFK documents all the time and gets paid for it. Says Slate in Salon (not


, oddly): "When people approach me about JFK, it gets tiresome. But rather than be annoyed, it's easier to be flattered. I now work with real JFK materials on a day-to-day basis. I'm the archivist for the city of Dallas, so I'm in charge of all the Dallas police department records on Kennedy. I've got to have a little professional distance. I'm interested in the materials, but as far as being a junior detective, I'll leave that to the professionals."

--Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.