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It's safe to assume that not a soul dining at the Metro Diner in Preston Center this morning knew they were scarfing down eggs and bacon with punk-rock royalty, nor did they have any idea that sitting in their midst was an indie-filmmaking heroine who also has on her filmography a handful of Sex and the City episodes. But there they were: director Allison Anders, director of such feted films as Gas, Food Lodging and Mi vida loca and boyfriend Terry Graham, drummer for defunct El Lay punk rock pioneers the Gun Club (among the biggest influences on the White Stripes' Jack Black). They were grabbing a quick bite before starting their long drive back to Los Angeles: Graham, who was born in Oak Cliff and raised in Denton, has been in town in recent weeks finishing a book about the Los Angeles punk scene of the 1970s, tentatively titled Punk Like Me. Graham explained over the Metro's signature breakfast, the Woody, that he moved to L.A. to pursue a career in music only after buying the first Ramones disc in Denton; "being back here," he said, "brought back all those memories of hearing that record and wanting to do something with it." Anders, incidentally, is a vegetarian who nonetheless proclaimed the Metro's "the best breakfast ever"; so sayeth the winner of the 1992 Deauville Film Festival's critic's award, so there. --Robert Wilonsky

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