Josh Alan Friedman to Offically Christen the Resurrected Kessler Saturday Night

Old friend, guitarrista, author and one-time Observer contributor Josh Alan Friedman stopped by the office yesterday to drop off a copy of his long-in-the-works "autobiographical novel" Black Cracker, which has been available for der Kindle since May of last year. (As Josh summarizes, it's the story of "the only white boy to attend New York's last segregated school.") You can finally buy a paperback copy starting Saturday, when Josh opens the resurrected Kessler on W. Davis Street in the O.C. with a signing and performance. But I see on Josh's Web site he'll also be chatting up the tumultuous tome tonight on KNON starting at 6 p.m. on the Texas Blues show. Dig it.

And, speaking of the Kessler, my, that's quite the concert calendar Jeff Liles is assembling -- from Brent Best to James Hall to the Rueffer Brothers to a regular Paul Slavens slot to ... pardon, did I see Shallow Reign's playing June 4. I'll be damned. Oh, and there's a Josh performance at the Kessler after the jump -- from October, back when Jeff was inviting musicians to play the joint while it was being rebirthed.

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Robert Wilonsky
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