Just Back Away from My DSpot

Yesterday, the Sherry Lane-based ad agency charged with selling DowntownDallas' year-old DSpot campaign -- which has caught on like whatever the opposite of wildfire is -- posted to YouTube its two promotional videos thus far. They're new to me, but perhaps you've seen them already. Perchance you've already been hypnotized by their choreographed chaos and their symphony of sounds as they twirl you through the dance of your day away from home, heartache and happiness, as steel giants guard your steps. Maybe you already own every minute of these two ads, in which candy-coated memories melt in your mouth as you reinvent, remember and rejoice misty water-colored memories of the way we were ... or ... something? Below, the Davis Building spot; after the jump, the Neimans ad. Now, go own every minute of life, which, apparently, lives here, who knew. --Robert Wilonsky

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