Dan Kramer
K.A. Paul wants Dennis Hastert to stop worrying about Mark Foley and start concentrating on K.A. Paul. Damn right.

K.A. Paul to Hastert: What About Me?

It seems airplane-loving, leper-stealing, orphan-abandoning evangelist K.A. Paul has added another high-profile personality to his circle of associates. The Associated Press just reported that Paul--the Houstonian whose ministry has boasted supporters such as Dallas millionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt and whose real name is Anand Kilari--met with Rep. Dennis Hastert to chat about how the Mark Foley scandal has distracted politicians from doing "more important" things. Like, say, giving Kilari some dough to defend himself in a lawsuit filed the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces? Or pay to get his airplane air-worthy so it doesn't have to be grounded in Tijuana? This personal meeting, at Hastert's home, came a few days after Kilari delivered a sermon in Cleveland about the GOP delaying the second coming of Christ.

Meanwhile, speaking of Tijuana, Kilari's former right-hand man has gone missing from his apartment in TJ. Doug Dodson's daughter, Jessica Lorenz, is offering a $2,000 reward for her dad. --Craig Malisow

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