Keeping Council

It's hard for people to keep up, so every once in a while I'd like to do a City Council Status update for the blog. Just a few lines to let people know what's up as of now.

As of this moment the Dallas city council and city staff are concentrating on:

    1) Banning toy guns. 2) Banning bats. 3) Everybody running for mayor.

I believe that all three of these efforts will be explained soon as parts of a general initiative to be called "Taking Back our City." Look for a ceremony in City Hall's lovely and impressive Flag Room with a table piled high with recently confiscated toy guns and Mitchell Rasansky in cape and fake fangs.

According to the agenda for today's city council briefing, the council will receive updates on "City Manager's Performance Review," on something called "Too Good to Throw Away" and on "Kiosk Installation Status." I think those are all the same thing.

I'm on it. --Jim Schutze


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