Yeah, Doug Jones isn't creepy at all in this pic from Pan's Labyrinth. So, sure, go say hi to the man with the eyes on his hands.

Keeping Up with Doug Jones

Earlier today we received a press release from the Vistas Film Festival folks concerning two chances tonight to meet Doug Jones. Who's that? Why, he's the star of one heavily hyped Oscar-pic pick: Pan's Labyrinth, in which Jones plays "Pan" and the "Pale Man." The movie's been nominated for a heap o' Oscars, including Best Original Screenplay for Guillermo del Toro (who also directed), Best Foreign Language Film of the Year and Best Achievement in Cinematography.

Jones, alas, isn't up for anything; uh, we're pretty sure he didn't even voice his own characters, actually. Still, his is an interesting resume: Dead Iraqi Soldier in the brilliant Three Kings; Thin Clown in Batman Returns; Slapstick Actor in Young Indiana Jones. Actually, he does have a pretty longstanding relationship with Guilermo del Toro, who casts Jones in Hellboy (as Abe Sapien) and Mimic (as Long John No. 2). So you can ask him about those roles too. You'll have two shots tonight: at the Landmark Magnolia (3699 McKinney Avenue) following the 7:45 screening and later at the Angelika Film Center Plano (7205 Bishop Road) after the 9:30 show.

Vistas says, "Ticketing for this event is being handled directly by each theater. Tickets will be on sale at the theater box offices via their normal procedure. There is no additional charge for the Q&A. Our recommendation is to get your tickets early, as this event is being promoted via a number of movie-related organizations." So, you'd best get. Oh, and Jones is playing the Silver Surfer in the new Fantastic Four movie. Expect many dorks, geeks and fanboys. Consider yourself warned. --Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.