Ken Mayfield Sees John Wiley Price's Button and Pushes It. Hard. Then ... Ka-Boom!

Maybe there's a very good reason KTVT-Channel 11 has the top nightly newscast in town -- like, oh, I dunno, because it's the lone network affiliate smart enough to send a cameraman down to the Dallas County Commissioners Court? Today, the CBS affiliate returned with a mighty powerful short film during which John Wiley Price, Ken Mayfield, Maurine Dickey and Judge Jim Foster's gavel get into it over the $113,000 being paid by the county to former FBI agent Danny Defenbaugh, who's investigating constables Derick Evans and Jaime Cortes. All the tension of early Scorsese. But I need a transcript: Did Price call Mayfield "Barney Rubble"? Did he tell Foster to "go to hell"? The real fun starts shortly after the three-minute mark, goddamnit.

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Robert Wilonsky
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