Keyes to Success, or: Blockbuster Will Try Anything, Even Concert Tickets

So, this is the future of Blockbuster -- as a seller of concert tickets? Which would make it, what, CD World? This morning comes the official word: The Dallas-based videotailer, whose set-top box is supposed to keep you out of the stores, is looking to bring folks back to the brick-and-mortars by teaming up with Live Nation. Blockbuster has signed a three-year deal that makes it "the exclusive physical retail ticket outlet for Live Nation Ticketing." Ducats won't be sold in all Blockbusters, only some 500 company-owned outlets "in strategically chosen markets."

The point, says Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes in the official announcement, is to "
drive hundreds of thousands of customers to our stores" early next year, when the deal kicks in. "We want customers to know that whatever their entertainment needs --  from DVDs and games, to accessing tickets to some of the biggest concert events -- they'll find those needs answered at Blockbuster." To which Live Nation Ticketing CEO Nathan Hubbard adds, "Our research definitively shows that the vast majority of music fans who prefer to buy their concert tickets at a retail location find Blockbuster to be the most convenient choice." Mmmkay. Maybe today's the day I buy some Blockbuster stock -- after all, it sure don't cost much. --Robert Wilonsky

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