Kids Do the Darnedest Things

OK, so now this is getting ridiculous. About five minutes ago, some 50 kids walked past the Observer offices, at Maple and Oak Lawn avenues, heading south on Maple toward downtown. They were being escorted by Dallas County constables, who surely have better things to do. Turns out they came from Edward H. Cary Middle School on Killion Drive, near the intersections of Walnut Hill and Marsh lanes. They claimed they had walked all the way; makes sense, since I am pretty sure I saw the same bunch gathered near Walnut Hill and Inwood Road at 9:30 this morning. And where are they headed? Why, to City Hall, of course. But why are they headed there? "Dunno," said one boy who looked no older than 11; "to support Mexico," said another boy, who looked much older. Simple answer: to skip class. As we reported this morning, they'll all receive unexcused absences from the DISD, but given all the walking they've done this morning, do they at least get P.E. credit? --Robert Wilonsky

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