Killing Me Softly With JFK Conspiracies

So, about eight Friends of Unfair Park -- who I assume also read FrontBurner -- e-mailed me this piece from The New York Times today, in which Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of J.F.K. author Gerald Posner says, in short, that the just-released George Jefferies footage of the JFK motorcade proves Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. In long, this is what Posner has to say:

...The footage definitively resolves one of the case's enduring controversies: that the bullet wound on Kennedy's back, as documented and photographed during the autopsy, did not match up with the location of the bullet hole on the back of his suit jacket and shirt... It is critical because if the bullet did enter where shown on the autopsy photos, the trajectory lines up correctly for the famous "single bullet" theory... For years, those of us who concluded that the single-bullet theory was sound, still had to speculate that Kennedy's suit had bunched up during the ride, causing the hole to be lower in the fabric than one would expect. Because the holes in the shirt and jacket align perfectly, if the jacket was elevated when the shot struck, the shirt also had to have been raised...

I like Posner and his book; I've interviewed him on several occasions, matter of fact, and always thought him to be the best representative for the Oswald-acted-alone group, of which I guess I count myself a member (hey, it's good enough for Crash Davis, it's good enough for me). But to say this short and silent clip definitively resolves anything, other than how pretty Jackie Oh! looked on November 22, 1963, is enough for me to want to hire an assassin to gun me down when I least expect it.

And in related news, that sniper's perch is going on sale again, though for six days only beginning at 1 p.m. today. And all bidders will have to be pre-approved, lest some Dutch treat turn into a nasty trick again. --Robert Wilonsky

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