Kings For A Night

Seriously, how kinky have your Saturday nights been lately? Thought you were really out of control when you rented The DaVinci Code and Click, all in one night? Wooooooweee. You better slow down, bucko, or you might find yourself staying up past midnight and missing Sunday school the next morning. Or, maybe you're one of those wacky folks who goes to the same bar, drinks the same drinks, hits on the same chicks/dudes/others and wakes up with the same old hangover the next day.

I'm just sayin' maybe you could use a change in routine. And I'm guessing a Saturday night at Buddies is just what you need to spice things up. Lucky for you, the Dukes of Dallas, the drag king troupe I told you about in Girl On Top this week, will be available for all the spicing you need. The Dukes -- Ian, Patrik, Mo, Christina and Alex -- are performing a benefit show for a friend suffering from cancer. The show gets started roundabouts 10:30 p.m., and I can promise you, it'll be unlike anything you've ever seen. Unless, of course, you've seen the Dukes before, in which case it'll be like something you've seen before that was pretty cool. --Andrea Grimes

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