Kirby Warnock Opens Buddy Vaults to Show Off Rare Early Pics of Stevie Ray, Jimmie Vaughan

I noted this a few weeks back

, but for those who've forgotten: Jimmie Vaughan will make his Oak Cliff homecoming on Thursday with

a show at the Texas Theatre

, part of the ongoing "Soul of Oak Cliff" series organized by Kirby Warnock. And leading up to that momentous occasion, Warnock -- there at the beginning of



along with its creator Stoney Burns

-- has hauled out of the vaults long-lost photos of Jimmie and baby bro Stevie Ray, which are now hanging in the Oak Cliff Cultural Center on W. Jefferson through November 10.

It's an estimable collection, judging by some sneaks Kirby was kind enough to forward some days back -- Stevie and Muddy Waters, for starters, and Jimmie at Faces on Cedar Springs, which we've visited once or twice. But that is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as evidenced by this brief trip down Amnesia Lane provided by the one-time Buddy editor himself as he hung his collection yesterday.

And once you're done watching this, your appetite whetted, dig this: Stevie and Double Trouble with Jimmie (and Angela Strehli and Jeff Beck) at a CBS Records convention in Hawaii in March of '84, more or less mere moments after the release of Couldn't Stand the Weather. This was to be part of its deluxe reissue last year, but for whatever reason didn't make it -- a shame, as you'll soon discover.

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