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Korn in Concert: My Top 10 Observations

10. Never have I seen so many tattoos under one tent than at Friday's Mayhem Festival at the Smirnoff/Super Pages Whatever Starplex. One guy had "Lamb of God" inked on his right calf and a girl - swear - had "KORN", with a backward "R" of course, on her neck.


9. Usually not a fan of pasty skin, pierced eyebrows, black leather bras and combat boots, but something about the girls watching Five Finger Death Punch jazzed me a little. They kinda screamed "look at me!", so I obliged.

8. I don't get Rob Zombie. Overheard in the Tuaca VIP Whatever It's Called Ice House - Girl No. 1: "He's nasty." Girl No. 2: "Yep, but I'd love to eff the ess outta him." No. 1: "Word."

7. Guess I haven't been to Starplex in a goodly while. $9 a beer? Really?!

6. Of all the crazy outfits, the winner had to be the dude with long dreadlocked hair, painted white face and a full orange jumpsuit. In triple-digit heat I remind you. He was either a deranged sanitation worker or he thought Slipknot was on the bill. Props to you buddy. Seriously.

5. I'm not musically sophisticated enough to explain what it is about Korn bassist Fieldy's sound. I just know it's unique. And badass.

4. Not saying fans were effed up, but a girl - let's call her Tabitha - came up to my friend and sat at our table in the Ice House. She began pleasantly, got noticeably irritated at his haircut and stormed off screaming "Nobody likes you!" Before we could stop laughing and/or dissect the meaning of her outburst, she was back. As she hugged and lightly bit his chest she whispered in his ear, "I can draw blood if you want." God bless her. And the dark side.

3. Two highlights to the show: *"Freak On A Leash." *Water hose on the crowd.

2. Come rain, shine or 102, lead singer Jonathan Davis wears an Adidas sweatsuit. Awesometown.

1. I'm not saying Korn is especially musically gifted, but I like that - unlike a Metallica, for example - they have variety. Songs start with a piano or industrial rhythmic clanging, not just a hard-drivin' guitar. And they've got some funk to their beat. But most of all, I like that when they hit the highs the passion and energy and common-sense abandonment of the crowd makes me temporarily forget the second mortgage and the fact that my yard needs mowing. Consider my face melted.

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