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Lady Liberty Never Takes a Day Off

So, how many people at your place of business couldn't make it in this morning, on this Froze-Over MLK Day-Off? I know at least one guy who doesn't wanna hear it: Sasha Ardalic, a 19-year-old I see every single day on my way to work, this morning being no exception. There he was, as always: standing on Marsh Lane near the Walnut Hill Lane intersection, holding a sign advertising one of the myriad Liberty Tax Service franchises in the area. And, as always, he was dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Beneath his pale aqua-blue gown and crown, Ardalic wears only a heavy black jacket and a white T-shirt. He's been out there since 9 this morning and will remain there till 3 this afternoon, taking only short breaks inside to warm up. "It's a little cold, I ain't gonna lie to you," he says in a slight accent, his face red and frozen from staring into the wind. Ardalic, dolled up as a parking-lot Lady Liberty beneath a larger inflatable statue, explains he's from Serbia and has been here eight years. He graduated from North Dallas High School, he says, and found this particular gig on Craigslist.

"I wish I could find me a better job," he says. "But this one's good for now." He would have talked to Unfair Park longer, but he was headed across the parking lot for a warm-up break. So, what's your excuse? --Robert Wilonsky

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