L.A.'s Barbie vs. Dallas' Goliath

Why is Dallas-based Gatehouse Capital Corp. feuding with a Hollywood icon? The Los Angeles Times reports today that Angelyne, the buxom beauty whose billboards have become legendary in Los Angeles, is angry that Gatehouse Capital, in its efforts to build a new W hotel, has moved her out of her long-time office and refused to compensate her for thousands of promotional items that now have the wrong address. Famous for being famous, Angelyne is battling L.A. city leaders and Gatehouse, which is developing a $500 million luxury complex at Hollywood and Vine.

A pink-clad icon with a fountain of blonde hair, Angelyne has been putting up billboards of herself around L.A. for more than two decades. She had operated her business -- selling posters, postcards, even autographed bras and panties -- from a small office on Selma Avenue for 18 years, says reporter Bob Pool. But Angelyne and 35 other tenants occupying shops and offices in the footprint of the project were relocated by Gatehouse -- and Angelyne wants more than relocation. She wants Gatehouse to pay for reprinting her materials -- to the tune of $400,000. Says a Gatehouse senior VP: "We don't just print money in the backyard and give it away." Thus continues a Barbie and Goliath story. --Glenna Whitley

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