Latte to the Party

This morning there's a story in Newsday about a certain lawsuit brought against a certain South Side of Lamar coffee shop-performance space. Guess that now makes Pascale Hall a national news story and her Standard & Pours Coffee and Stocks a famous hang; no way McGraw-Hill's gonna get her to change the name now. Me, I just think Newsday's trying to draw the traffic; danged near 100 people have responded to our two posts about the threat of the suit and its eventual filing at the beginning of the month, which is about 97 more responses than most of our items attract--unless they involve the words "Dimebag" and "Darrell." --Robert Wilonsky

Update: I see the story also made the San Francisco Chronicle. And...wow. There it is in The Dallas Morning News too--reduced to four sentences on GuideLive's Over the Top short-shorts. That's being on top of things, as it were.

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