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Laura Miller and Alex Krieger Are "Astounded" and "Outraged."

Harvard's Alex Krieger insists Jim Schutze and Angela Hunt have distorted the meaning of his original e-mail to Mayor Laura Miller.

From: Laura Miller

To: Bill Eager, Alex Krieger

CC: David Webb, Robert Wilonsky, Dave Levinthal, Colleen Nelson, Keven Ann Willey, Trey Garrison, Craig Holcomb, Gail Thomas, Robert Decherd, Angela Hunt, Elba Garcia, Edward P. Oakley, Ron Natinsky, Linda Koop, Meranda Carter, Norman Herrera, Lois Finkelman, Veletta Forsythe Lill

The Dallas Observer blog...has a giant mischaracterization of my position on the Trinity Parkway. Below is my response, which will be posted shortly. Let's get the real story out. Alex and Bill, feel free to chime in via an oped piece in The Dallas Morning News, with a copy of it to the Dallas Observer and D magazine in the form of a letter. I'm ready to fight for the integrity of the good work that was done by all.

From: Alex Krieger Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 21:49:21 To:lauramiller Subject: Re: TRINITY ALERT

To the Editors of the Dallas Observer,

I was astounded at the misuse of my E-mail to Mayor Miller regarding the Trinity River Parkway. It seems to me an irresponsible twisting of a position on behalf of a cause I do not share, rather than a "smoking gun."

The sole purpose of that correspondence was to remind Mayor Miller to direct her staff to carefully oversee the planning of the Parkway as it heads into detailed design. It was NOT to predict the demise of the Balanced Vision Plan. It was NOT to distance myself from supporting the Parkway. It was NOT having arrived at a new conclusion that the road was detrimental to the Trinity project.

On the contrary, the Parkway is an integral component and key to the success of the overall Trinity River Project. Because this is so, the Parkway's design must be carefully reviewed and wisely directed at every stage. And the commitment made by the engineering community at the time of the finalization of the Balanced Vision Plan to deploy context sensitive design, and to make it a road worthy of belonging to a great park and open space system, must be upheld.

The note to Mayor Miller was to urge her full speed in advancing the Balanced Vision Plan -- the product of so intense and heartfelt a community consensus arriving effort. I am outraged that yesterdays blog suggested otherwise.

Alex Krieger

Editor's note: In the e-mail sent to those copied above, the mayor added: "The truth shall set you free."

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