Laura Miller's Now on the Stand. You Know What That Means: Schutze is Live Blogging

Laura Miller has begun testifying in the federal City Hall corruption trial, giving the jury her history in politics. She's poised, of course. Prosecutor Sarah Saldana began by addressing her as "Ms. Miller," then caught herself and asked, "Is that how you address a former mayor?"

Miller smiled and said, "Yes. I'm Laura."

So, off to the races.

Saldana is asking her about her career before politics.

"I was a journalist."

"How long?"

"Almost 20 years. I worked right out of college at The Miami Herald, and then I worked for The Dallas Morning News, and then I worked for the New York Daily News, and then I worked for D magazine, and then I worked for the Dallas Observer."

She says she did most of her investigative work at the Observer from 1991 to 1997. She tells the court she learned everything she ever knew about reporting from a fellow named Jim Schutze. Oh, wait. I imagined that last part. Everything else she really said. We're now on a 15-minute recess.

I would report on her appearance and dress, but that would be sexist. But a male sexist reporter would say she looks great and very put-together Neiman's deep discount, as ever. I, however, would not say such as that.

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