Laure-wife-of-Larry David doesn't like TXU. She's warmed to the mayor, though--just not global-warmed, heh.

Laurie David Has No Enthusiasm for TXU

We already know what Laurie David thinks of Dallas. In April, the eco-activist--and wife of Curb Your Enthusiasm's irritainer Larry David--penned a piece for The Huffington Post in which she took a swipe at the city and, specifically, Mayor Laura Miller for failing to sign the U.S. Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement. She's probably switched positions on the mayor (sounds naughty, doesn't it?).

Yesterday, David penned a piece for HuffPo in which she slammed TXU for its plan to spend $10 billion on 11 new coal-fired power plants in Texas--"coal, of course, [being] one of the dirtiest energy sources there is," David writes. David applauds the mayor for being among the leaders in a coalition of politicians fronting the Texas Citizens for Climate Protection, which is trying to halt the creation of these "carbon-belching" behemoths. With TXU, she's far less happy:

"Business-wise, it's like buying a horse and buggy instead of a hybrid.

Climate-wise, it's like buying a ticket on the Titanic after it has already hit the iceberg. Except TXU is buying the ticket for us. And our kids. And our kids' kids.

But wait...there's more!"

There always is. --Robert Wilonsky

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