Not the coyote seen on Swiss Avenue, but something like.
Not the coyote seen on Swiss Avenue, but something like.
Josef Pittner

Leading a Wild Life on Swiss Avenue

Editor: Jim Schutze is away from Unfair Park briefly to work on a cover story for us, but we snared this from his Facebook page because we liked the writing and because we didn't know four-legged coyotes make it down to Swiss Avenue.

Beautiful encounter with a coyote on Swiss Avenue tonight while walking my dogs. She ran a big circle around us, tippy-toes, straight-backed, like she was floating 6 inches off the ground, fast like a bird, silent, nothing like the hard hunchbacked clawing run of a dog.

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My dogs strained their leashes, snarled and growled, like "Let us at her, Boss," but my experience is that they're braver the harder I hold the leash. If that animal fights as efficiently as she runs, I'd be afraid she would leave my two bed-heads with their throats slit and then glide off into the night like Mack the Knife. I take something like that as a meaningful visit. Trouble is, I don't know if it's an invitation or a dare. Wild creatures are fairies. Seductive but very dangerous.

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