Leo the Lion

How come city council member Leo Chaney doesn't yell at us? Why can't we be as lucky as Sharon Boyd, who got an earful from Chaney on Monday when all she wanted was a mouthful of food? The man Boyd refers to as "Shakedown Leo" won't even call us back, for God's sake. According to the longtime local activist, she was in the cafeteria at City Hall, taking a lunch break during a Board of Adjustment meeting, when she ran into Chaney, who represents much of southern Dallas, including the Fair Park area.

She was at the salad bar when he tapped her on the shoulder and wanted to know if she was "that lady who writes things about me." She said yup, to which, according to Boyd, he responded, "You don't even know me." Boyd said she told him, "No, but I write about what you do, and then he said, 'I've done nothing but good for my people.'" She says he demanded to know why Boyd calls him "Shakedown Leo"; she told him it had to do with his taking money from Smirnoff, whom he threatened to protest when the booze company took over ownership of Starplex. (There might be other reasons too.) Boyd says she told Chaney, "Let's say we have a difference of opinion" and wanted to leave it at that. But according to Boyd, the shouting went on and on, with Chaney pleading his case to the food servers, the cashier—anyone who would listen.

"Had I been him seeing me in there, I wouldn't have acknowledged me," Boyd says. "I am still really surprised he would acknowledge I had gotten under his skin. He kept saying also he can't wait to be off this council. Well, how about tomorrow? Who would know? It wasn't just inappropriate. It was just...weird." --Robert Wilonsky

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