Let Me Ask to Speak With the Sportatorium

Steal from Channel 8's old Let Me Speak To the Manager and The Ticket's old Ask the Hard Line and what do you get?

A Tuesday variably recurring time-waster featuring a bunch of people asking questions and one poor schmuck doing all the answering.

Q: Who do you consider the most knowledgeable sports personalities in town?

   A: Hmm. I think Randy Galloway probably has the best personal info on players, coaches and owners. I think Norm Hitzges has the best statistical perspectives. But if I got to sit down with one person and pick their brain for an hour, it'd be Brad Sham. He is wise.

Q: How long does it take you to write an average blog item? Is it research or just off the top of your head?

   A: Obviously I try to provide a mix of each. If you can't tell them apart then I absolutely suck.

Q: You're always posting photos of hot girls on Sportatorium. Are you married? Does your wife care? Is she hot? If so, post a photo.

   A: Married since 2002. Let's just say the wife is a very understanding woman. And, in your case, a very camera-shy woman.

Q: When will Gordon Keith get out of doing morning drive yuck monster?

   A: I personally think Gordo is the most talented guy in Dallas radio. He's dabbled in TV, but let's face it, six-figures as a yuck monkey isn't a bad gig.

Q: Are you retarded?

   A: Clincally, no.

Q: Your musical taste bites. Any concerts you're going to this summer so I can avoid them?

   A: I'm saving my nickels for the Austin City Limits Festival in October. Where else can you get Pearl Jam and Thievery Corporation on the same bill? See you there.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.