Let's Cut to the Chase: Would You Like to Be an Extra in a Jerry Bruckheimer Pilot?

If ABC's axed the shot-in-Dallas The Deep End, well, that comes as no surprise -- it was all but inevitable given its low ratings and the critical drubbing. But there's been no official word, only this Saturday story that says Thursday night's episode will be the last ever aired unless ABC can find some spare room in which to burn off the remaining episodes. Which means it's time to break down the set that's still standing at the Studios at Las Colinas; perhaps FOX Studio's Midland will take over the space, should it go to series.

Ah, and speaking of network pilots ...

Jerry Bruckheimer's office will still neither confirm nor deny that it's shooting the Chase pilot here next month. But, at this point, who needs the Official Word: Since last we looked at the Dallas Film Commission Web site last week, there's been a small addition involving "Extras Casting for a new Television Pilot." Which is ...?

Non-speaking talent needed for new Jerry Bruckheimer pilot that will begin filming the first part of March. The Extras Casting Department will be casting all non-speaking talent of all ages and diversified ethnicity for stand-ins, photo doubles, regular background and action extras.

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