Let's Now Cut to the Chase

It's getting close to that most wonderful time of the year -- when the fall teevee season commences. Later today we'll post a few peeks from Hal Samples and my visit to the set of Lone Star, the so-far-so-great (based on the pilot, at least) FOX series currently shooting all over town (I've run into it more than once in and around Preston Royal, matter of fact, despite the fact it's set in Houston and Midland).

But on the other side you'll find a freshly minted behind-the-scenes look at NBC's Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Chase, including the first glimpse at that West End rooftop sequence shot only a few weeks ago. Hall of State also makes for the World's Greatest Headquarters. And, look, there's Benny, not so dazed or confused.

Both shows, incidentally, premiere Monday, September 20: Lone Star's on at 8, followed by Chase at 9.

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