Let's Talk Trash For a Second

Last night, the missus wondered why we received a postcard from the city's Sanitation Services Department inviting us to a "community meeting" with our city council member this Saturday to discuss garbage collection. "Um," I told her, "probably because they want to tell us that starting in February, the city's only going to pick up Northwest Dallas's trash and recycling once a week." To which she replied, "What the ...?"

But, yeah, noticed this yesterday on the Dallas City Hall Web site -- the launching of a program called OneDay, as in, "OneDay, all of Dallas will have its garbage and recycling collected on the same day -- once a week." Says the city, it'll save landfill space, cut down on emissions and, um, "teach generations the importance of recycling." (Recycling what, exactly? Oh, I see -- the work of Roy Lichtenstein.) And, no doubt, City Hall considers the collection cutback an awfully good way to tighten the budget belt in advance of living a little less large.

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