Never Annoy Your Shrink

What about the children: My heart goes out to Dr. Susan Diamond ("An Irritating Woman," by Glenna Whitley, March 3). It may be small comfort for her to know that Tarrant County family court is equally outrageous.

I was crucified by my ex for more than four years as he attempted to wrest custody from me. I divorced him because he is an abusive alcoholic. He characterized me as an overly permissive mother who lived in squalor. I was court-ordered to be examined by a forensic psychologist. This woman was to recommend on custody issues without the benefit of ever having children herself.

At the same time my husband's ex was suing for custody of his children. She characterized me as a fanatically clean housekeeper who demanded my house be treated as a museum. She claimed my discipline style was nothing short of Gestapo tactics.

These characterizations are obviously mutually exclusive. The saddest part of both custody battles: The court was totally uninterested in the best interest of the children.

Please do not publish my name. My ex would probably start suing me again.

Name withheld

Indiscreet: Whatever tragic harm has befallen Susan Diamond's children as the result of her and her ex-husband's irresponsible, narcissistic behavior will most assuredly be cemented by your indiscreet publication of the whole humiliating mess in the Dallas Observer.

Name withheld

What is the purpose: This article is as amateurish and poorly written a piece of journalism as I've seen in a long time. The writer clearly never figured out what she wanted to say. (Does the Observer no longer employ editors?) More to the point, what is the purpose of holding up to public display the pain and confusion of this disintegrating family? You can do better than this.

George Palmer

Roller Grrrls

Good sport: I saw the Texas Rollergirls in Austin ("Hell Hath No Fury," by Adam Pitluk, March 3). This sport is so much fun to watch. The girls are badass. Thank you for reporting on the new Dallas team. I hope you continue to follow them.

Sam James

All Our Fault

Crappy again: How many articles do I have to read in the Observer about the Dallas Music Fest? (Across the Bar, by Sarah Hepola, March 3.) Sarah, do you go to McDonald's and eat the crappy food then write an article about it over and over, and every year go back and do the same thing?

The point of the DMF is for Sugar Lite to make money. Now throw into your blender the fact that all the bands in the showcases are in it because they sold the most tickets and blew money on the application fee. So grant it the variety of music is going to be a mix of your normal Deep Ellum bands I wouldn't pay to go see with a few bands that I would.

If you want to bitch about something, bitch about the musical prostitution that you had the displeasure to witness. The act before Drowning Pool was horrible, and the sound totally sucked; why don't you write about that?

So what is it? You don't like the idea of bands selling tickets to get good spots, or you just don't like the bands? Get a life. You wonder why everyone is not coming to Deep Ellum anymore, and it's nothing to do with crime--it's the crap you have to read sometimes in this RAG!

Dwight Reed

The D.O. , birthplace of Dallas mayors: I wanted to tell the Observer how much I enjoy reading Sarah Hepola. Although I'm an over-40 suburbanite hausfrau and unfamiliar with the local music scene, I always find her articles interesting and informative. Only the most talented writers are able to entertain and educate when writing about a subject not usually of interest to the reader.

Good work, Sarah--if I ever move to Dallas, you'll have my vote for mayor.

Carla Kay Drain

Any publicity: As the drummer and manager of the Dallas rock act Strangleweed, I would like to thank Sarah Hepola. There is no money that could get the exposure we have been getting since Sam Machkovech and Sarah Hepola found us. Our Web site hits have skyrocketed, our downloads are on fire and the streets are abuzz with our name. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Kenn Youngar

Bloody, sweaty, teary: As an avid reader of the Observer, I didn't think you gave Strangleweed a just listening (Set List, by Sam Machkovech, February 17). The guys are excellent and believe in what they do, and they do it with blood, sweat and tears.

Alex Tobey


Get to 'splainin': I guess the thing I'm going to miss the most about the Dallas City Council is their propensity for getting into those lovable high jinks that have made them so popular with Dallas residents in the past ("No Bird, No Bush," by Jim Schutze, March 10). Sometimes, it just seems like something straight out of an I Love Lucy show...like the one where Lucy (Dallas City Council) tries to get into Ricky's (Laura Miller's) show. The only thing missing is Miller admonishing the council members and saying, "Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do!"...then she launches into some Spanish tirade.

Oh, well...I guess we'll just have to go back to watching Lucy reruns.

Reuben L. Owens

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