Dimebag's Ghost

Disgusting: Yes, your "somber" image of Dimebag Darrell (December 16), which you claim was to help the public feel something of their loss, was without a doubt the epitome of poor taste. You want to put a picture with the name to make him seem more of a real person? Then why not use one of the millions available that were taken when he was alive? This is nothing more than an attempt to sell more magazines to a morbid public...in other words, cash in on a tragedy. You people are disgusting. Just wait until something like this happens to YOUR family or someone close to you. Would you print a similar picture in that case?

Patricia Keller

Already bleeding: I just wanted to say I think the cover with Dimebag looking dead on it is tasteless and disgusting in every way. Also, your excuse for doing it was hollow and confusing (Buzz, December 23). You did it because you want us to feel something? All of us who love him are already bleeding from our souls, and the display of this cover is like spitting right in our faces. Listen: You want to honor him and make people care? Tell us about his life. Show us how he lived. That's all it takes.

Rock on in heaven, Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

Jen Paulson-Aber
Ames, Iowa

Dime's worth: Zac Crain's opinions on music in the past have left me seething. I sometimes wanted to break his kneecaps. However, I wanted to say thank you for the Dimebag tribute in this week's Dallas Observer (Across the Bar, December 23). That was truly how I think Dimebag would want it. Thank you, Dime, for being part of my life through your music, and thank you, Zac, for writing about it.

Willy Jack
Via e-mail

Throw Out the Dopes

Scared vermin: Revenge at last! Oh, how sweet it is! Finally, Dallas taxpayers reach their boiling point and decide to actually sign the classic "throw-the-rascals-out" petition. The ultimate joy is watching these council members scurry for their political lives like a bunch of scared vermin ("Fifteen Stooges," by Jim Schutze, December 23). And Jim was right: The best response was from Rasansky. I think it is absolutely hilarious that only now, when their collective political necks are on the chopping block, do the council members want to hold a Dallas government agency, the city attorney's office, accountable...for not finding them a petition loophole, no less! How absolutely pathetic! Thirty thousand people sign a petition, and now they're worried about accuracy. Well, not to worry. After the "strong mayor" system takes over, I suspect they will have plenty of time to verify all 30,000 siggies themselves!

Reuben L. Owens

Gibberish: I have reservations about the "strong mayor" proposal, but at least you can understand Laura Miller. The gibberish quoted in your article has me leaning toward an affirmative vote for a strong mayor. How can you have faith in a bunch of politicians with insipid ideas they can't even verbalize?

Alton Broussard
Via e-mail

Bloc-heads: Whoever examines any kind of petitions brought forward by voters should be a very highly qualified person who is legally literate in the Texas Election Code and who does not owe any political allegiance to a bloc of council persons. It seems that the right of the voting citizen is always secondary.

Julia Soto Cabrera

Mr. Buzz's Cojones

Conscience? Ridiculous: Finally, someone has the cojones to stand up and say something about pharmacists needing to mind their own business (Buzz, by Paul Kix and Patrick Williams, December 9). How unfair is it that women are still the target of discrimination in this day and age! Do these pharmacists find it objectionable that women are having sex? Even though they are taking responsibility for themselves by using birth control? But it's perfectly OK in their opinion for men to pop penis-"enhancing" pills, and have them covered by their insurance. Ridiculous. I hope these people run into similar situations in their daily life--perhaps a Vegan grocery clerk who refuses to sell them any meat on grounds of "conscience."

Jennifer Hoff


Too kooky to kill: I do not know which is worse--Sandra Bridewell or Glenna Whitley's obsession with Sandra Bridewell ("Seductress of the Saints," December 9.) Glenna, get a life--most of us are over it. By the way, Sandra has never had her act together long enough to kill anyone and get away with it. Dream on, Sherlock!

Paul-David Phy
Tampa, Florida

Word-faith gospel: Thanks so much for your insightful and balanced writing on Sandra Bridewell. I appreciate that you do not disparage Charismatic evangelical Christianity but instead illuminate one of its particular neuroses.

Jim Lapeyre
New Orleans

Focking Great

Stealing the show: Just read your review on Meet the Fockers and couldn't agree more! ("Focking Wonderful," by Robert Wilonsky, December 23). I kept thinking the same thing throughout the movie--Streisand and Hoffman need their own film. They completely steal the movie, so much that one is left frustrated when they would go back to the inane storyline of the original. I can completely see another franchise starting with these two hilarious characters.

Michael Kays
St. Louis

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