Heavy Drapes

Curtain call for a critic: Hoorah for Elaine Liner for her well-crafted, wonderfully original take on the end-of-year recap of theater ("Down in Front," January 6).

(Note to the author of the "tiny window, heavy drapes" comment: I'm still laughing. I'm also going to steal your line and use it somewhere.)

Thanks, Elaine, and thanks, Dallas Observer, for your coverage of the local theater scene.

Vicki Cheatwood

Brava!: I have always enjoyed Elaine Liner's reviews--they are presented with such wit--but today's made me laugh out loud. Thank you for your theater stories. Your article this week was my favorite so far. Brava!

Rachael Lindly

Ring Out Ricki Derek

Nothing like a Rat Packer, just ratty: Ricki Derek's Ring-A-Ding New Year's show was simply awful ("Viva Las Vegas," by Shannon Sutlief, December 30), and any inclination to compare this abomination to the classy, swinging Vegas acts of yesteryear would be an affront to the memory of Rat Packers past. The ill-fitted venue, overpriced drinks and church-picnic "buffet" served on coaster-size plates didn't help matters. I left a hundred bucks poorer at the stroke of midnight and ran home to seek refuge from this nightmare in my old Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin CDs. Somebody please show Dallas this is not the way it was. Hunter Sullivan, where are you?

Waldo Martin

Happy New Year

To you, too: Some New Year's resolutions I hope will come true:

Kevin McCarthy, 990 AM radio: I will divorce my wife and marry Jerry Reynolds, owner of Prestige Ford in Garland (open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday). I will, however, continue to talk (and talk) about my wife four times an hour, immediately after traffic and weather. (Of course, hourly updates to remind you I am now Jewish will continue.)

Zac Crain/Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer: We will continue in '05 to hide the fact that we are the same person.

Russ Martin, 105.3 FM: I promise my shtick in '05 will continue. I will stick to my seven favorite topics: (1) the bar I plan to open any day now; (2) my stripper girlfriend with a Yankee accent; (3) the bar; (4) my Batmobile; (5) the bar; (6) the bar; (7) me.

Troy Dungan, WFAA-Channel 8 weather guesser: My promise to you: to appear on screen with my sleeves rolled up to give the indication I'm really working hard for you whenever ice or snow is spotted within 500 miles of Dallas.

Jim Schutze, Dallas Observer: After receiving constant complaints about my short 5,000-word City Hall/Laura Miller stories, I will increase them to 7,000 words immediately. I will also continue to use my favorite phrases with my longer stories which makes me appear both clueless and knowing more than the average man on the street, such as "Is it me?", "It must be me," "I guess it's me" and "I know it's me."

Eric Celeste, Dallas Observer: I will ace that job interview at The Dallas Morning News if it's the last thing I do.

Tony Garrett

Girlie Music

For you, our loyal morons: I thought the Observer was aimed at the "pseudo-intellectual" crowd, but after reading an article about the best/worst music of 2004 ("Last Call," December 30), it's apparent you must be trying to appeal to complete morons. I could have sworn I saw Usher, Britney and Ashlee Simpson under a few "best" categories. Moving on, after clicking the music reviews tab on your Web site, a list of "artists" comes up that wouldn't look out of place in a 13-year-old girl's music collection.


Dirty Laundry

Literally: I am usually a big fan of the Dallas Observer, and I'm far from a prude, but I winced a bit when reading your recent cover story "Seductress of the Saints" (by Glenna Whitley, December 9). Printing the contents of Ms. Bridewell's abandoned belongings pushed your journalistic efforts into a sea of yellow. Does the public really need to know that you found her soiled black Victoria's Secret panties? Have you been hanging out with the reporters from Hustler? And since you think we need this kind of information, don't stop there; please tell us exactly what you mean by soiled. I believe those panties are not the only thing that's soiled at the offices of the Observer.

Neil Hoey

Drab Old Emerald City

That woman: Dallas' star is NOT shining anymore.

I lived in Dallas all my life before moving to Southern California about six years ago. I come back home to visit my friends and family every December for the holidays. The past two years, upon my return, I notice that Dallas is not the "dazzling star" it once was...Hey, hasn't Laura Miller been mayor now for about two years? That woman has absolutely ruined Dallas!

I just heard since her smoking ban went into effect that the city's restaurant/bar business has lost $11 million. I also heard that Miller let the Dallas Cowboys "slip away" to Arlington. Well, what's next? I'm sure she will make many more POOR decisions concerning the Dallas economy in the coming new year!

R.G. Vigner
Whittier, California

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