Pissin' on the Prez

Well gollleee: When pissing on a flaming picture of the president won't get you in the paper (Buzz, by Patrick Williams, June 17), the gun-toting Dallas Redneck Assholes (we all know who they are) will. So a bunch of hack, twentysomething, do-nothing-but-bitch "political rockers" (what the fuck is that anyway?) say they don't understand how anyone could get upset at poor little me expressing my political views with my DICK onstage? "Well, gollleee, Sergeant Carter, I guess us good ol' boys will just have to 'splain real slow next time."

Patrick McCoy

Pure baloney: In no way do I advocate violence in reference to political beliefs or affiliation. However, your referring to the band's comments about the draft was pure rhetoric. This man being beaten is abhorrent, yet so were his actions. He could at least form an educated opinion as opposed to attempting to spin the truth. Young people's opinions are formed based upon information such as this. Frankly, the draft initiative is nonexistent and pure baloney. Your including this portion of the scenario in your article blatantly shows that you advocate spin as well. When did objective journalism stop and liberal rhetoric begin?

Andrew Evans

CSI: Incompetent

Lax investigation: This was an incredibly well-researched and written piece ("Clueless," by Glenna Whitley, June 10). My heart goes out to the Gutheinz family. It really is infuriating to know that in an age where information is so crucial, such an organization as the Texas Rangers seems to treat it with such disregard. Covering up a lax investigation does nothing but plant a cancer that will continue to infect the Rangers and their future work. Hopefully the exposure from this article can help to push the Gutheinz family's case that much further.


Ring the Rangers: Why not publish the number and address of the Rangers' Human Resources Department so we can ring in on what a fine job Tony Bennie did and what a credit to the Rangers his promotion would be?

Larry Brautigan
Via e-mail

The Suckiest

Old person's paper: I was quite dismayed to have read "The Rap Sheet" article (by Susan Castellon, June 17) in last week's Dallas Observer. It's apparent that the music section has completely lost its edge. For the past several months we've been given disingenuous and mediocre reviews of records, shows and artists. But this one really is easily the suckiest suck of an article the DO has published in a long time. What readership are you writing for? The DO has always had a very literate and (for lack of a better term) "hip" audience. Articles like "The Rap Sheet" belong in the arts section of the Lewisville Penny Saver. Actually, that would be a disservice to Penny Savers around the country. This article belongs in The Dallas Morning News. There, I've said it. The DO music section has turned into the DMN. Are you happy? You're an old person's paper.

Russell S.

The Real Deal

I feel you: Your article on The New Year ("The End Is Near," by Sarah Hepola, June 17) was one of the best I've read this year. You put so much emotion into the article that I teared up while reading it. It was a positive emotion, as you showed the love and respect that you have for the band and your friend.

I look forward to reading more of your articles, as you are the real deal.

Brian Fuller

In the Hunt

For Pete's sake: The article you wrote on Dallas cornerback Pete Hunter was just lovely ("Dear Hunter," by John Gonzalez, June 17). Right blend of human interest (sister's call) and more technical football material (covering Toomer). Also nice to see a writer give some props to a young player who hasn't got his own bandwagon going yet. I hope you've both made a friend for life, and a very enjoyable read it was.

Barbara Piccirilli
North Providence, Rhode Island

College Crapshoot

High-stakes admissions: Great article! ("Nice Kid, But..." by Zac Crain, June 17.) As the only college admission coaching firm based in Plano, I live this story every day. You did a great job of hitting the big players in the area and depicting the frustration and the high stakes of this process.

It's rare one of your paper's stories scores such a connection with me, or that reporters "get it" when tackling stories out of their lane. Kudos on both counts.

David Hollands

College will be a breeze: Great article! My daughter did the IB program at the International School of Brussels (Belgium). She went to UT majoring in Middle Eastern history and Russian. She said she was bored much of the time in class because she had had so much of the material in IB requirements. Niket Biswas is correct that he'll get a break in rigor in college.

Blanton, Texas

No We Don't

Not anymore, anyway: Mormons do not practice polygamy ("The Polygamists Are Coming!" by John MacCormack, May 20). If you are going to write information about any church organization, I recommend that you talk with authority figures of the religion beforehand.

Katherine Sargent

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