What a Dildo

Cover it up: Thank you for bringing us this wonderful cover ("Sex Toy Story," by Glenna Whitley, April 8). My child was impressed when we passed by it as it was so proudly displayed. But I'm quick--when he asked me what it was, I said it was in Spanish so I didn't know. So, bully to you. You didn't shove it down my throat as was your intention. (Excuse the pun.)

Again, thanks for your social conscience. Save the whales and forest. But let's not include any sort of morality at all.

Gretchen Dunlap
Via e-mail

Spare the children: I am writing to express my disgust about the front-page cover story of this week's Dallas Observer. I am familiar with this magazine's type of advertising. However, your printing for "shock value" was successful because it has caused quite a controversy. I left a Dallas Public Library neighborhood branch yesterday and was absolutely appalled to see the image and headline of this week's paper. This is a public library where your audience is not just sex-crazed teens or adults but young, impressionable children! I am all for freedom of the press and expression, but this has gone way too far. This has crossed over the line to obscenity and perversion. I believe that the Observer could have found an image that would have been a little more sensitive to broader audiences that are exposed to this newspaper.

It is such a shame to see the news media stoop to such a level to get attention, even if it is negative. As an educated mother, I find it a sad case when I have to protect my child from going to the library! This is not even a case of censorship, as was explained to me when I complained about this--it is gross negligence on the newspaper's part. You should remember that the audience that you market this to is not just voyeurs, perverts and swingers, but children are exposed to this indecency.

I hope that you will address this concern with your staff, because libraries, grocery stores, educational institutions, recreational centers and other public-frequented locations receive this free magazine, and children are among the audience that is unintentionally targeted.

Catina Betoncur
Grand Prairie

Dirtier minds: Great article! Isn't it funny how the people who accuse people like the Webbs of the things they were supposedly doing have dirtier minds than the people they are accusing? Burleson should change its motto from "City of Character" to "City of Characters." What a joke of a town. Makes me ashamed to be a native Texan.

Gilbert Solis

Penetrating report: So, where can we send funds to contribute to the Webbs' legal defense fund? Excellent, penetrating (pun intended) article on the insecurities of the upstanding (!) Burleson citizenry...And even more important, how do we go about attempting to get these antiquated, repressive laws off the books, besides the usually ineffectual "letter to your congressman"?

Paul Brown

Same Old Tune

Musical lemmings: Is anybody else tired of the same predictable outcome of the music awards every year? (Dallas Observer Music Awards, April 15.) Could I possibly be the only one to comment on this? It's become painfully laborious to go through the annual charade of voting--almost as painful as it is to hold onto the thin gossamer thread of hope that my vote actually may count. This is not a defeatist voice talking, guys; it's the voice of someone who truly cares about local music, who supports it and who thinks that Dallas has some of the greatest underrated bands in the country. Let's let the community vote on the nominees; maybe then people will stop being lemmings and nominate musicians who (gasp) have never made it on the ballot, which would be a more accurate representation of the local music scene; and then maybe I'll stop whining and start feeling like the Dallas Observer really does support local music. Or maybe we'll just go through the same routine next year; can I save some time and just Xerox this year's ballot and send it in?

Caro Kim

Play it again, Sam: Every year, the entries look the same, and every year the winners are the same. Do you guys even actually go out and listen to anybody besides The Sparrows or I Love Math? Do you even know about the incredible jazz musicians or the budding Texas music scene that happens in the Dallas area every weekend? Have you actually heard the Silvertones? Judging by the nominees, I don't think so. Every week, I looked forward to getting my Dallas Observer (when I lived in Dallas) to see what was happening in the D/FW area, and all you print is negativity or something about the only two bands you ever go to see. That's why I live in Austin. The gigs may pay shit, but at least I'm playing in a positive environment where the audience listens and the Austin Chronicle gives everybody a chance to hang themselves in their pages. Although this e-mail was written in haste, I really feel the D.O. does a great disservice to the musicians and the music scene in Dallas.

Beth Garner

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