Kleenex Cops

Underqualified, thank God: Before I became a police officer for the city of Richardson in 1981, I spent four years as a reserve police officer with the Dallas Police Department ("Disposable Cops," by Jim Schutze, April 1). When I decided to become a regular police officer, I was unable to apply to DPD because I didn't have the required college hours at that time. The unpaid hours I volunteered to the city of Dallas remain some of the most worthwhile of my life, and I was truly saddened that I wouldn't have a police career in the city where I lived. Unfortunately, given the way things have changed over the last 23 years, I've had nothing but one opportunity after another to be grateful that I didn't have 45 college hours in 1981. The officers of the Dallas Police Department deserve far better.

Diana Powe

Ambushed: I was a clerk in Crimes Against Persons at DPD when Iscaro was shot. It was a sad situation, and it breaks my heart to see how the officers are being treated. Thank you for the terrific, strong story, and I appreciate your support of the officers.

Ruby Slaughter

End Game

Pro's pro: Your comments on Frank Luksa (Buzz, by Eric Celeste, March 25) and his work were spot on. Frank is exactly as good as the best, and consistently wrote the best on-deadline game stories in America. But because Frank resisted the magnetic pull of the microphone, he "retires" underappreciated locally, even by his own employers. Note that The Dallas Morning News did not grant Frank so much as the courtesy of a farewell column. But ask Pat Summerall or Paul Tagliabue or Jimmy Johnson or Dan Jenkins. You'll find that Frank's talent and wit are more fully appreciated nationally than here at home. I worked with the guy for years at the now-defunct Dallas Times Herald and came to agree with Tom Landry: Frank Luksa is a pro's pro.

Mark S. McDonald Sr.
Editor, Texas Sporting Journal

Poop on You

Full of crap: Thank you for your article on inconsiderate dog owners ("City Dump," by J.D. Sparks, April 1). I walk the Katy Trail and am disgusted with the people who let their dogs poop on or next to the trail and don't pick up after them. They are ruining what should be a refuge for Dallasites with their laziness and selfish attitude. If people are so irresponsible that they can't pick up after their dogs, then maybe they are too irresponsible to own a dog in the first place.

Lee Slaton

Pick it up: Thank you for addressing this subject! I just think that people who have dogs (like my husband and I), no matter how small, need to pick up their own dog's feces when it isn't on their own personal property. Because when they don't, the rest of us have to! We live on a lovely corner lot, so we get hit on two sides. I have busted a number of people, and they have complied, but usually not without some attitude. It doesn't help that this city is so "all about me" in attitude, so it doesn't surprise me that this is becoming more and more of a nuisance; people think someone else will do their cleanup work for them. Leave your dog's feces in front of someone in New York City (where I come from) and you die!

I have had to resort to posting two signs on each side of my lawn. I am sure there are some neighbors that think I am a nut case, but it works, and there are many more who appreciate it. I cite the law and common courtesy. To have to remind folks to just use their heads is really sad.

Paula Mele-Weatherbie

Bag the bagless: How is it that we passed one of the most enforceable pet poop laws and the enforcement people think the dog must be seen in the act? My recollection is that the ordinance requires that owners walking a dog must have a device or supply of bags with them for picking up the poop or they are in violation.

Mike Firth

Mr. America

GHB kills: Thank you for making this story front-page news. I had known Mike Scarcella for 12 years ("R.I.P.ped," by Mark Donald, March 25), and he was a wonderful father and friend. I hope and pray that people reading this will realize that this is poison and it can kill you!

Lisa Whitsell

Bodybuilder's death: Wonderfully written story...top-notch reporting.

Matt Groveton
Mexia, Texas

Pegaso's Last Flight

Crying wolf: In the last two weeks, two different downtown restaurateurs have griped about the lack of evening business (Hash Over, by Mark Stuertz, April 1). They have no one to blame but themselves. I've lived downtown in a condo building five-plus years--and have yet to see any advertising or promotion directed to downtown residents such as drop-off menus, fliers, coupons, etc. Haven't these guys figured out that the dinner clientele isn't the same as their lunch clientele? How are we supposed to know they even exist?

Leslie Nolen

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