Back in Klanland

Weak signal up north: How funny! I work in Wise County for the sheriff's department, and Jim Schutze had me laughing until I cried with his references to Wise County, Harleys, tornadoes and burned-down meth labs ("Radio Free Gomer," May 29). Klanland was humorous but not altogether accurate. We did have a KKK rally once, and the attendance was something like 99 law enforcement, three potential inductees and five Klan members.

Thanks for the funny article, Jim, and keep up the good work.

Dick Wood

Your wonderful metromess: Jeez! How can u labul alll of wise conty "Klanland." Aftralll, alllmos haf th pepl from "Klanland" hav cum frum yur wundrfulll "metromess!" An mos ov them dont no a march from that there koncherto! And every weekend the "hord," your wonderfull citizens, invade our county to use and abuse our infrastructure for the purpose of pursueing their "wild west" equestering activities.

If you desire to insult someone, go back to insulting the minorities living in Southern Dallas County. The citizens of Wise County have had enough. And by the way, if you have any influence at WRR, ask them to play a few more Sousa marches for March of the Day. We could use a little more patriotism to start the mornings.

Kevin A. Wood

Till Death Do Us Part

Make them responsible: I am all for marriage ("Just Get Married!" by Mark Donald, May 29). I have been in one for nearly 20 years. I think the writer and the media in general should support marriage and families.

We as a society have failed ourselves and those children who come after us with our selfishness, irresponsibility and moral failures. Boys think it fine to impregnate numerous girls as a means to demonstrate their virility. But with sexual relations come responsibility, and we see the government having to come in and take care of the child with WIC and all of the social programs.

So why not legislate responsibility? Why not encourage marriage? The child benefits by having a father. If this were enforced enough, maybe the blood would not rush so quickly south of the belt buckle. It is a rare young man who takes responsibility for his creations. Why not help them understand further about marriage and responsibility? Is that really naïve?

The continuing weight of social programs takes more and more of our taxes each year. When will society say enough is enough and cry out to their legislators, make the kids pay for the children they beget? Make them work; make them responsible.

In the past twenty years, we have seen a society of victims and bystanders. Nothing is their fault. It is time for a change. Marriage sometimes forces couples to get along. The child is a mutual interest. Let's see society embrace couples, not scorn them. If the government can make this program work, maybe this new generation can derail the sexual revolution that brought about the societal mess we are faced with today.

James C. Hairston

Training for matrimony: What schooling did you go through to get your job? With the divorce rate so high, is that not indicative of the need for relationship education? It made a real difference in my life. In 1979 my wife and I went on a weekend retreat using the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (ACME) method. We have been growing our marriage ever since that day. It would be nice if more couples would take classes instead of thinking you just get married, settle down and live happily every after.

Al Pugsley
Via e-mail

Ain't Gettin' Any

Dems' big tantrum: I've been a devoted reader of the Dallas Observer for a number of years now and always enjoy both the fresh perspective it brings and the plethora of controversial subjects it tackles. But today, I am voicing a complaint--not about anything that was written in the Observer, but what hasn't been written in it.

This spring, one of the most egregious displays of obstructionist partisan tantrum-throwing occurred in our state's capital, when dozens of elected Democratic House members decided to pick up their toys and flee across state lines. The Dems' myopic focus on their petty self-interests and their cowardly approach to dealing with conflict most likely placed an undetermined number of bills in peril.

OK, I'll hop off my soapbox and get to the point. After this incident, I couldn't wait to pull out my Observer and read some inside-the-capital report about it, complete with the balanced, take-no-prisoners approach that typifies Observer articles covering such high-profile subject matter.

Alas, several weeks have passed since the "Democrats' Oklahoma Vacation," and nary a word about it has been printed in your paper! Not one local perspective piece, not one article reviewing the future implications of the Dems' actions--not even a Buzz piece bringing out the humor in the events (like, say, the Dallas mayor being extra cranky that week because her husband, state Representative Steve Wolens, was out of town and she wasn't "gettin' any").

I hope this letter is premature, and that the fine journalists at the Observer are cooking up something really sharp and juicy that'll knock my socks off. But at this moment, I stand here with hands in the air and confusion in my brain, wondering, "What if a perfectly good political cluster-fuck fell in the forest and no one at the Observer noticed? Would it make a sound?"

Chris Martin

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