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Hey, I feel better already.
Andy Lawson

Gordon McLendon
The neat story on Gordon McLendon ["Legend of the game," June 29], with its mention of the sportscasting apprenticeship of the young Wes Wise, brought to mind another event of the early '70s when Wise was announcer for the playoff game between the Fort Worth Strangers and the L.A. Dodgers.

During the early struggling days of the Rangers, some playful staffer of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram created this mythical team (modeled on themselves; Bob Ray Sanders was one) which they called the Fort Worth Strangers. Every day through the season, in a little box on the front page, no less, was an account of last night's game and escapades of the players (including the time the opposing team objected that there were 10 players on the field because the pitcher was pregnant).

Pity somebody hasn't done a reprise on that season, which ended with the aforementioned broadcast with all the sound effects.

John & Shirley Johnson
Fort Worth

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