Just a Fight

Girl fight, good thing: Why is it that two women cannot compete without it being called a catfight? ("Catfight!" by Jim Schutze, March 27.)

It is completely acceptable when two men do the same thing. Our world expects women to be sweet and polite or at least diplomatic all the time, while men can say (pretty much) what they think. Women have some advantages, but saying what we think is tough, unless it's nice.

Both women are extremely competent, and either one would make a great mayor.

I think it's really great that the race is between two great female leaders.

Susan Monroe

Mary for mayor: I would think that Jim Schutze has kissed Mayor Miller's butt enough by now, but evidently he still has to continue paying for pissing her off during her first election. You remember--when you begged her to talk to you. You stink as a reporter. The TPWA did endorse Mayor Miller, but not at the request of their membership. Why don't you check to see how many of their members have quit since the endorsement? You say the mayor does not lie. You are either a complete idiot or that is part of your suck-up. Why don't you tell the citizens about the media blackout because you like the mayor giving you info for your paper? Unlike you, we are supporting Mary Poss, not because she promised us something but because she has told us the truth. Why is it that when the mayor lies, nobody says anything--but if it had been Ron Kirk, it would have made headlines. Ron was right about you, Schutze; you are a racist, and once upon a time when you worked for the Dallas Times Herald, you were a reporter. Now all you do is suck up.

Mary L. Hasan

Laura's long shadow: Jim Schutze, please give the "Laura Miller used to work here" part of your column a break! That was what, eight years ago? A lot has changed, some for the better, some not, but when I read that, it reminds me of Tom Landry or Michael Bolton references. Let's deal with the here and now.

George Hutton

Road to Nowhere

Denton County cleanup: I want to thank Charles Siderius for the excellent article "Greasing the Wheels" (March 20) regarding the waste of taxpayer funds in Denton County. He has been instrumental in helping clean up many of the problems of Denton County, a county that was known to be worse than Duvall County in the LBJ days. Thanks to articles such as this we have been able to clean the county of some of the inept and/or dishonest politicians. They created tremendous waste, and it will take the taxpayers years to clean up the losses. It was sad that even former Congressman Dick Armey tried to blame the press and reporters for the removal of his son, Scott Armey, from the political playing field. The political losses were their own doing because of personal drive and lack of ability to work for the citizens of the county. Again, thanks to Charles Siderius for a good and honest article that took him many hours to research and bring to print. This is the tip of the iceberg but a step toward a better future.

Ray Roberts Sr.

Protest This

Brought me to tears: You're completely right. I can't stand the songs they play at protests ("War on War Songs," by Robert Wilonsky, March 27). It's 90 percent of the reason I don't go to any of them anymore. I can't stand it. At one of them they played a recording of "War" by Edwin Starr, and it was so refreshing I almost burst into tears. Then the hippie came back to the mike and oppressed us with her sanctimonious, toneless blather of a "song," and I just thought, how can she follow that with this? And how can we all stand here and let it happen? So, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Phoebe Love
Via e-mail

Key Lemon

Delightful, lovely, etc.: Wow--I just read the review of the Florida Seafood Grill ("Operation Florida Freedom," by Mark Stuertz, March 27). I was amazed. The reviewer's experience was nothing like mine...in fact, it was completely opposite of the time I spent there. I visited the restaurant this week and found it delightful. The décor was lovely, the service was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered, which included some of the items mentioned in the review. My group ordered appetizers, lunch specials and for dessert, the Key lime pie, which was delicious.

I would suggest that maybe you should give them another try. Maybe they were still ironing out some kinks.

We totally enjoyed our delightful time there and have another outing planned for later this week.

Sherry Rodgers

Carl's Toothpick

What a jackass: Great article on Carl Everett ("Ready to Rumble," by John Gonzalez, March 6). When I first started reading it, I thought it was going to be a fluff piece on him, telling everyone he is misunderstood. My fondest memory of Carl is from last year when I sat one row from home plate at Safeco Field in Seattle. He had a toothpick in his mouth taking cuts with the bat. As he walked to home plate, I kept waiting for him to spit the toothpick out. Instead, he kept it in his mouth as he grounded out to third. I was blown away. A freakin' toothpick! What a total jackass.

Bill Haffie

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