Scary Place

Do something: The timing of your article was uncanny ("Make Yourself at Home," by Charles Siderius). As I was dropping off books at the library last Thursday, I thought to myself, "Someone should write an article about the scariness of the library." And as I arrived at my apartment that evening, I grabbed a copy of the Dallas Observer, and lo and behold, there was your article!

I moved to Dallas from St. Louis this past March. I find it absolutely absurd that I am scared for my safety when I visit the library here. I am a 26-year-old female and will NOT go back to the downtown library. Something HAS to be done.

Stacey Neuhaus

Zero tolerance: Kudos to the Observer for printing "Make Yourself at Home." While it's clear from the story that no one--patrons, librarians, or law-abiding citizens, homeless or otherwise--wants to further narrow the margins of the already marginalized, it's just as clear that certain users have mistaken ownership for privilege. Libraries were never designed to function as homes but as repositories for information.

The real issues here appear to be public safety and sanitation. A stalker is a stalker, whether he has a permanent address or not. A person who attacks a security guard is a threat to everyone. Someone who fouls bathroom facilities creates a nuisance for everyone. In other public spaces, law enforcement personnel deal with such misbehavior swiftly and surely. If you want to see examples, visit the Oklahoma City Memorial or Fort Worth's Sundance Square. Word gets around when zero tolerance of unacceptable social behavior is in place.

Peter Ots
Flower Mound

Bully for Bradley's

Missed the mark: In response to Mark Stuertz's review of Bradley's ("Sad Tail," July 3), I have eaten there enough to know he missed the mark on this one. Bradley's was transformed from a humdrum sushi bar into a unique and wonderful steak and seafood restaurant. On the unceremoniously deposited coconut shrimp, hmmm...it was close to the Fourth of July. I guess you wanted sparklers on the plate. I have not had a bad meal there, and as for the lobster tail, I bet when I do get one, it will be good. Sorry it wasn't the Mansion on Turtle Creek, Mr. Stuertz, but for an ever-so-nice getaway from the freeway food rat race, Bradley's is one of the best I've tried.

Wayne Allen

Double Jeopardy

Another lawsuit: If this man was cleared by the Dallas Police Department of wrongdoing, then the matter should be over with ("Shot in the Dark," by Charles Siderius, July 3). The chief of the DISD police department should be demoted to patrolman for causing a lawsuit that will surely end with a hefty price tag for the city of Dallas.

Dennis Garwitz Sr.

Diabolical Fiend

Dodging justice: Though gruesome and painful to read, I appreciate your thorough chronicle of this fiend's diabolical career ("Evil Eyes," by Glenna Whitley, June 19). It is shocking to realize how enabling his mother and "the system" have been. One has to wonder how many others have escaped earthly justice and retribution the same way.

Martha Ramos Mims

I Just Don't Get It

On and on: Jim Schutze's article about Wise County is moronic ("Get Wise," June 26). How could you print something so sophomoric? He just rambles on and on about who knows what. What is the beef with Wise County? He named some bad things that have gone on in that county, but if such crimes were to be reported about Dallas County, it would fill volumes of books.

I just don't get it. Silly and stupid are the two words I come up with. Congrats on being an inept publication and for having someone like that putz as a writer.

Via e-mail


Robert Hofert

I'll miss the place: As a recent transplant from Chicago who is helping market a development in Wise County, I felt compelled to respond to Jim Schutze's article. At first, I laughed as I remembered my first couple of weeks in Wise County and being told things like: "Feinstein? That ain't a Texas last name, is it boy?" Then the article progressed into total absurdity, completely losing me somewhere between the need for UN troops and Hillary Clinton. I can see the point of the article was to further inflame the nerves of angry Wise Countians, but at some point I went from laughing with Schutze to thinking he was the biggest moron at "the pottery party." In all honesty, I've found Wise County to be a very laid-back and friendly place where people can affordably raise a family in a rural environment with city conveniences. I can honestly say I'll actually miss the place (a little) when I leave at the end of the month.

Jay Feinstein

Your Money's Worth

False advertising: I got a complimentary Dallas Morning News thrown on my lawn on Saturday. I was shocked...shocked to see their new slogan is "Know The Full Story." That has to be a joke. Since when has the DMN told the full story on the backroom dealings of any of the city's rich and powerful? Since when have they done an investigative report into the misdeeds of a big advertiser? Seems to me that this claim is patently false and egregiously misleading.

Jim Curtis

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