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Even given Ms. O'Hair's alienating personality, Mr. Murray's letter is dishonest and unfair to the life of Madalyn. In fact, his use of disinformation seems to emanate from a singular, untrustworthy source: Madalyn's Christian son, William Murray. Bill Murray has made a career of bashing his mother. It is no doubt a living, as Bill travels the fundamentalist circuit, recycling unverifiable stories about his late mother. It is obvious that Bill simply hates his mother and also needs to make a buck.

And Bill Murray's background is not without controversy. In the late '70s, a highly publicized theft of computer tapes (of membership information) from American Atheists in Austin occurred. Lo and behold, I received a mailing from a new atheist organization called "Second Foundation," with Bill Murray, now in Arizona, as president. Something smelled, and I didn't bite. When his own atheist organization failed, Bill Murray became a born-again Christian and began to profit from being the son of Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

I ask the letter writer Mr. Murray to carefully read Bill Murray's Web site again. When I perused it a few months ago, I was struck by something. Bill was still using his mother as a whipping post, and there seemed to be no real expression of love for either his late mother, his late brother, or his late daughter. No remorse, no sadness. Character flaws must run in the family.

Jerry Wayne Borchardt

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