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Off base
Does Robert Wilonsky smoke crack? His article on Lyle Lovett [Music Listings, November 19] was terrible. First of all, this was a tribute album, meaning he was thanking these guys for their guidance and whatever else he may have learned from them. This to me would give Lyle every right to perform the songs how he wants, not to mention paying these guys back with royalties from record sales. I suggest that if you want to hear Guy Clark, then go buy a Guy Clark album, and we'd better not see a review from you on the Lyle show in your next issue.

Chris Watters
Via e-mail

Indeed, you sound angry
Zac [Crain], seriously...you really don't know what you're talking about. Try actually listening to Depeche Mode's albums [Music Listings, November 19] instead of getting musical info from your contrived newspaper friends. You say "The band's new ideas are only old ideas." Well, I say, please try to think before you speak.

Indeed, I may sound angry, but I'm expressing the same sentiment as you did in your article. An eye for an eye, I suppose.

Via e-mail

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