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We should thank Fred Baron for vigorously representing those injured by asbestos exposure, and by doing so, giving corporate polluters an incentive not to market toxic products. Mr. Baron's work has made the world a safer place for all of us.

Clay Lewis Jenkins

An item titled "Best Place to Rat Out an Attorney" in the September 24 "Best of Dallas" issue contained several errors. The business described in the item, 1-877-MISLEAD, is not run by attorneys--nor did the operator of the business, Tom Herron, represent to the Dallas Observer that he was a licensed attorney. Furthermore, the for-profit business is inaccurately described as a "watchdog" organization. Herron describes his business as follows: "I finance litigation in civil and malpractice cases. In exchange for financing, I get a percentage of the plaintiff's recovery, if any." The Observer apologizes for the errors.

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